Good Morning Prayer Messages

Early inside the morning with I are looking for thee says the Psalmist. Mornings are one of the nice times to commune with God in prayers. There are numerous reasons why human beings say prayers and phrases of advantages every time they awaken in the morning.

Generally, prayers are taken into consideration as a daily dose for survival, strength, pleasure, happiness, and achievement in anything one does in lifestyles as a believer. And the bible made us understand that we must pray without ceasing and Jesus commenced with prayers and ended with prayers. This sums up the relevance of prayers in our lives.

Here, you will find effective prayers and blessings to start your morning earlier than you step out for the day and which you can send to your family.

Good Morning Prayer Message

Good Morning Prayer Message

Good Morning Prayer Text Message

1. As the sun shines, may God’s favor shine upon you, your family, friends and even your enemies. As you breathe in the fresh morning air, may your heart be filled with His love, that you may love endlessly. God will crown your hard work with success and fill your house with your peace today and forevermore. Amen. Good morning

2. May His heavenly hand shield you, and may peace constantly reign under your roofs. As you go about your activities for the day, God will be right by your sides to guide and guard you. Good morning.

3. Waking up every morning is a testimony of your grace, oh Lord. As you wake up today your life will revolve around His word. He will order your steps and protect you. He will lead you not into temptation and grant you success in all your endeavors. Amen. Good morning.

4. Dear God, your guidance and protection throughout the night are appreciated. As you step out of your room, He will lead you. When your heart is broken, He will mend it, and when you break down in sickness, He will heal you. Good morning.

5. As you rise today in prayer to worship your maker. Praise be unto his name for His countless blessings in your life. As you get ready for the day, His awesome hand will lead you and safely bring you home. Good morning.

6. Thank you so much, Lord, for this wonderful day. Thank You for this bright morning sun, the beautiful breeze and the sweet melody of the singing birds. Thank you for my family, work and all that life holds for me. I praise you for your love and kindness that keep me soaring in life. Blessed be your name, for you deserve your praises. Good morning.

7. As you being your day today, I pray the Lord will guide you through the storms and struggles of today. Fill you with the strength to overcome your fears and anxiety. He will grant you all your heart desires in Jesus name. Amen. Good morning.

8. I pray, may today be as beautiful as the love he has for you in Jesus name. Good morning

9. In every step, you take this morning and beyond I wish you success. May the goodness of the Lord follow you wherever you go. Have a great day ahead. Good morning, dear.

10. As you go out today, don’t give up on your dreams. Every morning gives you another bite at the cherry. Best of luck in your exploits. Have a wonderful morning.

11. The best things are yet to happen to you. Keep dreaming on and never be discouraged by the failures in life. May your life be filled with more blessings than you can count! Good morning.

12. May the blessings of God never miss your doorstep. Wishing you joy and happiness this morning. Have a nice day. Good morning.

13. May this day bring you nothing but trust and purest form of happiness, joy and laughter. Good morning.

14. I wish you have all the blessings and love needed to put a smile on your face this morning. Have a wonderful day. Good morning.

15. Best wishes in everything you do today. May the Lord keep you from danger and sorrow as you make your way out this morning. Have a blessed day.

16. Life may not have given you a reason to smile but remember God knows your pain and cares for you. He loves you and will eventually turn your darkness into light and your sorrows into happiness. May you be filled with the joy of the Lord today. Good morning.

17. Truly you are blessed beyond measure. Step out today and be a blessing to anyone you meet. Wish you a great day. Good morning.

18. Thinking about you this morning. May you have the best of days in the goodness of the Highest. God bless you. Good morning.

19. God bless you for your presence in my life. May you be replenished of everything you have lost in putting smiles on my face. I wish you the best in the plans you have for today. Have a beautiful morning.

20. Good morning, Morning just arrived, and I want you to open your arms wide and embrace the blessings and joy that accompany it. Have a beautiful day.

21. Today and beyond, may your life continue to be showered with Gods amazing blessings and grace. Good Morning.

22. My Queen, waking up every day to see you around is a blessing in itself. May your day be as great as my love for you. Have a blessed morning, dear.

23. This morning calls for much celebration because we have been blessed with the priceless gift of life. May our lives continue to be showered with Gods amazing blessings. Good morning.

24. My dear, May you live long to enjoy more beautiful mornings like this. Have a blessed day.

25. My jewel today is the start of something beautiful in your life. Embrace it and walk with the pride of success in the day. Have a splendid day. Good Morning Friends Have Lovely Day

26. Most handsome, I believe in every dream of yours and believe that the Almighty God will help you realize each and every single one of these dreams. I really can’t wait to see all your dreams actualized. Good morning, and have a very blissful day.

27. May you be filled with positive thoughts as you prepare for the day because there is power in positive thinking. Have a blessed morning.

28. As you go out today, may his divine presence never leave you and today you will do exploits. Have a nice day.

29. Grab the opportunity to make the most of this beautiful day. May you find windows of opportunities in everything you do today and beyond. Good morning.

30. You are alive this beautiful morning because of the tender mercy and amazing love of God. In this brand new day, may all the most crook ways in your paths be made smooth, and may your steps always be directed into the right places and you will never go astray. Good morning.

31. Today will be better than yesterday and lines will fall for you in pleasant places for you. Good morning.

32. May the blessings of this day locate you. May your labour bring sweet rewards. Good morning.

33. Today, I pray that your path be lined with favour. May you see the beauty in every situation. May you find solution to every challenge. Good morning.

34. As you go out this morning, may you be able to discern the opportunities in every situation and may you the find the strength to maximize them to your full advantage. Good morning.

35. May your day be filled with beautiful sunshine. May sweet success be the reward of your sweat. Have a beautiful day. Good morning.

36. Today your sun will shine brighter. May your flower blossom. May you be fruitful in all your endeavour. Good morning.

37. The sun shall not smite you by day nor the moon by night. May you be kept safe from today’s dangers. Have a blissful day. Good morning.

38. This morning and beyond receive the grace to be your best. Receive the grace to soar. Good morning.

39. After today is done, may you be able to look back in gratitude and count your blessings? Good morning.

40. This morning and beyond may you receive the courage to face oppositions, Strength to overcome challenges, grace to smile despite all. Good morning.

41. Today, no opposition will be able to withstand you. May you receive the grace to crush them all. When the days are done, you will sing the song of a victory. Good morning.

42. May today bring with it an answer to all your prayers. May you receive unprecedented mercy. Good morning and have a beautiful day.

43. May you experience peace, love, joy and all that is beautiful today. Good morning.

44. When you call one, thousands will show you today. You will be clothed with outstanding favour. Good morning.

45. While you make progress your enemies will remain stagnant. May your life be a wonder to all who love and hate you alike. Good morning. Happy new day.

46. Today, receive grace to walk and not faint. Receive grace to soar with the strength of an eagle. It will be well with you today and always. Have a blissful day.

47. Today is the day when your efforts will be recognized and decorated with glory. May favour locate you wherever you are. Good morning.

48. Those who had rejected you will celebrate you today. You will smile in triumph over your enemies today. Good morning.

49. As the sun shines beautifully, giving light to all. May your life shine beautifully. May men gather in honour of you. Have a wonderful day.

50. You shall not lack any good thing today and henceforth because the Lord is your shepherd. He will make provision for the tiniest of your needs. Good morning sweetheart.

51. Today, every good thing you have lost will start to find their ways back to you. And everything you hate in your life shall disappear. Good morning.

52. Every evil eye set to monitor your steps today and beyond shall become blind. Every soul set to do you evil today shall be destroyed and condemned. For you bear on your body, the marks of God. Good morning my dear.

53. When they see the blood, they shall pass over. The blood of Jesus covers you from head to toe today. Nothing shall by any means harm you. Amen. Good morning to you.

54. Whatever it is that has been hindering your long-awaited blessings from getting to you shall be rolled away today. And you will possess your possessions and you shall not lack anything good in life. Good morning.

55. Because the Lord is your God, what is difficult for others shall be made easy for you. And when others say there is casting down, for you, it shall be a lifting and where people say there is no way there will be a way for you. Good morning, my angel.

56. The words of God never returns to Him empty. He has said he will be your refuge and fortress. He surely will guide you from wicked and evil people today and beyond. Do have a wonderful day, dear.

57. In the presence of God, they say, there is a fullness of joy. May you never walk out of his presence that Joy may never seize from your life. Enjoy your day dear.

58. You shall be like the tree planted by the riverside that brings forth fruits at the due time. You will be fruitful in what you do today and beyond in Jesus name. Have a fruitful day.

59. Today, mercy will come to you when you need it. Grace will find you when you desire it. Favour will locate you when you wish for it. No good thing on earth shall elude you. Good morning to you dear.

60. Thought of having a better day than yesterday? I see that being granted, in Jesus name. Good morning dear.

61. Today, the Lord God will arise and bless you beyond your desire for the day. You will end this day in testimony. Good morning, dear.

62. May God choose today to reward you for all the good deeds of the past. You’re blessed! Good morning.

63. When you remember today, you’ll bless and praise God without any limit. So shall it be? Good morning damsel.

64. As you set out today, may God give you the courage, strength and grace to overcome all challenges that will come your way. Go in God’s strength, dear. Have a marvellous day.

65. Today, God in his infinite mercies shall grant unto you all your aspirations, beyond your imagination! Good morning, sweetheart.

66. May today be the day that the Lord will surprise you with lasting answers to your pending prayers. Amen. Good Morning, love.

67. Beyond your imagination and requests, God shall visit you with good tidings and put a new song into your mouth, today and beyond, in Jesus’ name. Good morning, my heart.

68. As you set out today, let everything answer to your favour, in Jesus name! You shall testify tonight. Good morning, dear.

69. Today, you will not struggle to be recognized but by favour, your recognition shall spread abroad forever. Amen. Top of the morning to you.

70. As from this morning, your lack shall begin to give way to abundance. You’ll have plenty and never borrow again! Good morning, my love.

71. Today and beyond, beyond your connections and struggles, let doors of opportunities begin to open in your favour, in Jesus name. Amen. Good Morning.

72. I declare that today shall be recorded for your unspeakable progress in all that concerns you. Amen. Wonderful day ahead, dear.

73. As you go out today, begin to be a wonderful wonder to as many as you know and meet as from today. Amen. So shall be forever. Amen. Good morning, my heart.

74. When you come back home today, your story of lack shall begin to change to that of fortune, in Jesus name! Amen! Good morning and have a great day today, dear.

75. Be still today, and know that there’s God who is your present help in times of need and you will not lack today. Good Morning, dear.

76. As from this morning, God shall order your steps to your place of Glory, in Jesus name. Amen. Have a glorious day ahead, handsome.

77. Today as you rise, you shall arise to a greater joy and establishment, in Jesus name. So shall it be? Amen. Have a wonderful day.

78. Dear, as long as you have God, you will know no shame! You are saved from all evils today and beyond. Good morning sunshine.

79. May your day be pure and cool, like the dews of the morning on leaves. Good morning

80. Today everything that God created will work in your favour. You shall testify in the end. Happy new day to you, love.

81. I see a gleeful smile on a cute face and hope everything turns out well for you today. Good morning, dear.

82. May God bless your day beyond your wishes and keep you safe from every devilish plan. Have better day ahead. Morning, love.

83. Every day with you has been a blessing. I pray we live longer to enjoy each day at a time, in sound health and wealth. Good morning, love.

84. Even if things won’t turn out as you planned today, I wish God gives you the needed courage and strength to face it all. Have a testimony-filled day, love.

85. My dear, it’s a new day that the Lord has made for your joy, laughter, establishment, success, peace and rest in all you will do. Good morning, dear.

86. Today is going to be the first day of the rest of your life and it’s going to set a pace for limitless signs and wonders. Amen. Good morning, my heart.

87. As from this day, I pray that all the works of your hands be blessed in the name of Jesus. Good morning to the world’s best lover and friend.

88. In all, you’ll do today and throughout your life, may you find reasons to testify of the goodness and faithfulness of God. Amen. Good morning, sweetie.

89. According to God’s will for your life, whatever you desire to do shall prosper, today and forever. Amen. Good morning, my treasure.

90. Dear, go into the day and enjoy every bit of it because you’ve been divinely set apart for merriment. Enjoy your day. Good morning.

91. My king, everything that won’t let you have the best of this day shall be crumbled and destroy. Every evil of your way shall be disgraced. Yes, amen! Good morning to you, dear.

92. Hi, dear, every power and program resisting your advancement establishment shall be destroyed today, and forever. Go in God’s strength, dear. Good morning.

93. All the gathering of evil against your success shall bow to the sovereignty of God today and perish forever. Go in peace and come home victorious. Good morning dear.

94. Dear, in all you do today and throughout your lifetime, may you see God in His royalty! So shall it be? Amen. Good morning.

95. My love, beyond your aspirations, desire, prayers, wants and wishes, I ask God to fill you up today with the good things He knows you need. So shall it be, in Jesus’ name? Amen. Good morning.

96. As it’s another day wherein temptations about, I pray that you shall not be lured to fall for any. I also pray the grace to resist the devil and his cohorts. You shall overcome all the plans of the evil ones, today. Amen. Good Morning, my king.

97. May you triumph over all satanic schemes for this day, in Jesus name. Go in God’s strength and be a Victor today and forever! Amen. A pleasant morning to you, my heart.

98. My angel, waking up with the thoughts of you is a dessert for today! I pray the love that binds us together never go sour, Amen. Good morning, my love.

99. As you go out today you shall be the head and not the tail and no evil will befall you in Jesus name. Have a wonderful day dear.

100. The Lord that has been keeping you from evil will guide you through today and you shall end today in joy. Good morning, my heart.

101. My love, I trust God to give you rest and satisfaction today, giving you peace in all you set your heart to do according to his will. Good morning dear.

102. The Lord that never forsake Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace, will be with you through this present struggle and you shall be announced unharmed. Good morning, dear. Have a courageous day ahead!

103. My dear, it is the day that the Lord has made, so nothing shall steal your joy and gratitude. Happy new day to the world’s best friend and spouse. I love you.

104. My King, In all you do today, God’s word shall be a light to your path and a lamp unto your feet. You’ll not stumble. Forever. Amen. Good morning, my hero.

105. Today as you step out, the Lord will supply all your needs according to his riches in glory through Christ Jesus now and forever more. Good morning.

106. May you be relieved of all mental pains and struggles as you set out for today’s work. And remember, that the Lord shall guide you through. Amen. Morning, dear.

107. As you rise today, you will shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord will be upon you now and beyond. Have a fun-filled day.

108. My sunshine, no weapon fashioned against you, me, and all the family members shall prosper today and forever. Amen. Good morning, my treasure.

109. We’re saved from all the evils in the world today and beyond, from our going out and coming in, in Jesus name. Amen. Blessed day ahead, love.

110. For all the pressure and demand of success your face on a daily basis, may God grant you wisdom to be all you need to be according to His riches in Glory. Good morning dear.

111. In all you say today, God’s words shall be your source of wisdom. Have a successful day at work, honey. I love you.

112. I pray the Good Lord will supply all the insights you’ll ever need for your work, career, family and marriage in Jesus name. Good morning love.

113. If there’s going to be a list of those that will reiterate that the Lord is good, today, may you be number one? Top of the morning dear.

114. My dear, approach today’s tasks with complete confidence in the Holy Spirit, and your ways shall be guided by wisdom. Good morning.

115. I pray that God sends helpers of destiny your way and strengthen His will for your life to fulfilment. Good morning, hubby.

116. As you go about the activities of today, may you end it all with unparalleled joy? Go in God’s strength, my dear. Good morning.

118. Hi, dear. I just came to remind you that the Holy Spirit will be by you today, as with other days. Call for help when you need some. Good morning.

119. May you trust in the Lord with all your heart today and not lean on your own understanding, in Jesus name. Amen. Good morning, have a wonderful day.

120. My love, in the list of the people that’ll find unmerited favour with man and God today, may you be number one. Amen. Good morning to you from me.

Good Morning Prayer For My Love

In Jesus’ name, I pray that today is as wonderful as you are. After yesterday, you deserve to have your prayers answered today. Have a blessed day, my love.

In everything that you do today and for the rest of your life, may you always find a reason to testify to the faithfulness and goodness of God. May He be on your mind today and for always. Amen. Good morning, my dear.

What is the extent that I would go to show how thankful I am to have you as a part of my life? Each morning, I wake up and thank God that you came into my life. I am so blessed to have the best person who ever lived at my side. I will continue to thank God each and every day for finding you and having your love. Good morning.

May you triumph for you over any satanic schemes that are set out to ensnare you today. May Jesus always help you walk in God’s path and may you find strength in God today. Good morning, my dear!

I dedicate my morning to you—you deserve it, my love! What good would my morning be without you in it? All of my nights and days are better because of you. May God bless you and keep you in the palm of his hand.

I woke up this morning and decided that I should change my name to the most favored. God must really care for me because he brought me you. Stay safe today and have a wonderful day. Good morning, my love.

May your day be filled with untold joy, happiness and merriment like the dew on the morning leaves. Good morning and have an amazing day!

I declare that today shall be the day that you progress toward all of your hopes and dreams. May God support you in all of your plans and ambitions. Have a wonderful day, my dear.

Today, the Lord God will rise up to bless you beyond your wildest dreams. You will end today in testimony to him. Good morning, my dear.

As you leave your home today, may peace accompany you always. May God’s Grace go before you and bring you favor in everything that you search for. May you always find blessings and goodness from above. Good morning, my dear.

Throughout today and everyday, may wonder greet you as you grow in Him and learn more of him. May you walk with God today and always. Amen. Good morning, my dear heart.

Every day with you has been such a blessing. I only pray that we can live a long life so that we can enjoy each other in health, wealth and happiness for as long as possible. Good morning, my love.

I will never stop praising God for all that he has created in you. You have grown into the perfect spouse and are a reminder of the greatness of God’s works. May God bless our home and our relationship forever. Good morning, my love.

There is another day to greet us with temptations. I pray that you will not fall to temptation today and that God gives you the grace to resist all of the devil’s plans. May you overcome the evil one’s plans today and for always. Amen. Good morning, king of my heart.

We live each day as an expression of God’s faithfulness and grace. May our marriage always be blessed by him. I thank God for giving me the best spouse in the world. I love you.

My dear, go into today with the knowledge that you can enjoy every second of it. You have been set apart by the divine for merriment and happiness. Enjoy your day and have a good morning!

From the moment you wake up this morning, God orders you to take steps toward reaching your place of glory in his name. Amen. May you have a blessed day, my love!

Beyond our wildest dreams and request, God has given us everything. May you sing his praises today and beyond and live in Jesus’ name. Good morning, my dear heart.

When you think back to today, you will praise God and bless him for everything that you have done. So shall it be. Amen!

May every word that you say today be seasoned by His grace. May everyone that you encounter be blessed. May each soul you talk to find eternal happiness through him. Good morning, my dear.

I have always wondered why the stars disappear once the sun has dawned. Now, I know that they have only gathered so that they could walk with you throughout the day. Have an amazing day, my love!

The words of God never return in a void. He has said that he will be our refuge and fortress. He will guide us through the wicked and allow us to emerge on the other side victorious. Have an amazing day, my dear.

From this morning, may God turn your lack into abundance. May he give you plenty so that you never have to borrow again. Good morning, dear heart!

Even if things cannot go according to plan today, may God always give you the strength and courage to overcome it all? May you have a testimony-filled day, my love!

I there is anything within your thoughts that holds you back from your family’s happiness, I pray that the Lord will help you triumph over it all. May he give you victory in everything that you do in Jesus’ name. Amen. Good morning, my dear!

This morning, I have but a simple prayer. May God take care of you and keep you for the day. Without you, there can be nothing for me in this life. He has blessed my day by making you a part of it. Good morning!

Good is the best word to describe this morning. Amazing is the perfect word to describe your love for me. Without you, the world would be so lonely. May God always bring us closer together and give you the happiness you so deserve. Good morning, my joy.

Every power and person that resists your advancement will be overcome today, I pray. Walk-in God’s strength today and for always, my love. Good morning!

May today be the day that God grants you all of the answers to your prayers. Amen. Good morning, my dear.

In the presence of God, there is an abundant joy. May you always walk in his presence and allow the joy that comes from him to seize your life. Good morning to you, my love.

Open your eyes to the brightness that waits you today. Get out of bed, get dressed and walk in the hope that the Lord brings to our life. Good morning, my love.

Every evil that is trying to follow your steps today shall be blinded. Every time evil sets to work against you, it shall be destroyed and condemned for you bear the mark of God. Through him, you shall never fall to evil. Amen. Good morning, dear one.

You shall be like the tree that, once planted by the river, brings forth fruits at the right time. When God commands it, all of your works shall be fruitful. May today be the first of many fruitful days to follow. Good morning, my love!

When you come home today, your story of lack shall be transformed into a story of abundance and good fortune through Jesus’ name. Amen! Good morning and have an amazing day today!

From this day onward, I pray that all of your works will be blessed in the name of Jesus. Good morning to the most amazing lover and friend in the world.

In all of our dreams and longings, may the Lord always bring satisfaction? May he bless the best friend and lover that anyone could ever ask for.

May God bless you and keep you for this day and for always.

In everything that you do today, may God be your strength and your source of help. You shall find boundless ease in everything that you do in Jesus’ name. Amen!

As soon as I see your smile, I thank God that you came into my life. May he bless you for all of your good works and always bring you closer to him.

May you never struggle to find favor in him. May you be recognized for all of the good that you do forever and ever. Amen.

Mercy shall arrive when you need it, and grace will be given whenever you desire it. When you need his favor, may he find you? Through him, may no good thing on earth ever elude you. Good morning, my love.

Like the dew on the morning’s leaves, may your day always be sprinkled with blessings through him. May he fill your life with abundance and happiness. Good morning, my dear.

Whatever has kept you from reaching your dreams, may he bless you and remove those obstacles today. May God keep you safe from harm and watch over you today and for always.

Everything that you have lost will find its way back to you today. May everything you hate disappear from your life. Have an amazing day!

Today, may God reward you for all of the good things that you have done in the past. You are truly blessed! Good morning!

Because the Lord is your God, what is hard for others shall be made simple for you. When others are cast down, you shall be lifted up. Good morning, my dear.

As long as you have God, you will never know shame. He will save you from evil today if you put your faith in him. Good morning, my love!

As you start today, may God give you the courage and strength to overcome every obstacle. Walk in God’s strength, my dear. Good morning!

Know that God will always be present for you in all of your times of need. Good morning, my love!

May God bless you today and help you in all of your wishes. May he protect you from the devil’s plan and ensure that you have a better day today. Good morning, my dearest!

Good Morning Prayer For Him

  1. My king I pray for God’s protection in your life. I pray that the rest of your life will be the best of your life, my love.
  2. I pray we attain the greatness in life, I pray that the door of blessing and success will be open for us.
  3. My wishes for you are happiness and prosperity and I pray God to grant you all your heart desires. Everything good you ever desire will come to you without stress by God’s grace. I love you.
  4. You have been a source of happiness to me, my world and I pray to God almighty never to take away your happiness from you. I pray that joy and success will never depart from your life.
  5. When you give happiness you receive nothing but everlasting happiness from the almighty. I pray to God that your later year shall be greater than the former My King.
  6. I pray to God to guide your steps as you go out and come in. I pray that you never experience any life issues till the end of our time.
  7. May God bless you bountiful and May your hands be blessed. God miracle will never leave your life My Love. I pray we experience the beauty of life together.
  8. I pray that you will stand before Kings and Queen. May mighty and blessed personality call you blessed. Where your mate grumble, may you come out mighty. I love you, My king.
  9. The world will bow at your feet and wherever you go, you will see and experience the work of the mighty God in your life sweetheart. Whatever is giving you joy will never be the cause of sadness in your life.
  10. May God protect you all through the night, I commit your sleeping and waking into the hands of the mightiest God. May you wake up in the morning with a fresh breath. I love you.
  11. As you step out today I pray you to experience God’s miracle in everything you lay your hands upon. May you see favor in everything you place your hands today. You are blessed My king.
  12. Everything you want will come your way easily, I pray you will never grumble before you smile. May God make way for you My King. I pray for God’s miracle in your life my sweetest.
  13. My sweetest man, the one who I love truly I pray that the blessing of God will never depart from you. I pray that you experience greatness all throughout your life.
  14. I pray that whatever as an attachment to you, wont brings sadness your way. I pray that from now on till forever God will clear all the obstacles from your way. I love you till forever My King.
  15. As time passes by I pray that your blessing gets refresh each and every day till you have an overflow of blessing. May you be too blessed to be depressed. I heart you My World.
  16. Every bad omen in your life will be swept away without a trace. May God open a new door for you and whatever that will give you sadness will never come your way My Jewel.
  17. My wishes for you in life is to see you smile for the rest of our life. I pray to God today that your happiness will know no bound and everyone that comes in contact with you, will see the work of the almighty in your life. My love for you knows no bound My King.
  18. As you step out today and plan on venturing into your business, may God open way for you. Your business shall yield bountifully and success will know no bound in your endeavors. Amen.
  19. I pray for you, you will be great physically, mentally and intellectually. No evil will come your way and may you experience goodness in every area of your life. Amen.
  20. May you never experience tears, may your ears hear no bitter words and may your lips never speak evil till death. May you experience sweetness forever My world.
  21. May lord pave way for you, where your mate fights to gain greatness, may you walk and receive the greatness easily. I pray God path your way to success till forevermore.
  22. I pray you to receive a great connection that will make you stand in the midst of Kings and Queens. Your blessing will be visible to every eye and I pray that everyone hears will listen to God’s greatness in your life. I love you immersively My King.
  23. Whatever you lay your hands upon will yield success. May the whole world hear your success story. May you be blessed in an overload measure. You will never fail My King.
  24. Just like the morning fragrant, may your day be filled with a lot of God’s brightness and may your path lead to success. I wish you immersive luck today and forever.
  25. Whatever comes out of your mouth today shall be pleasing, I pray for God goodness in your life. May success never path from your way.
  26. I pray that whatever will hinder you from attaining greater height will never come your way and may the good God speak for you where you are not present My sunshine.
  27. Every tongue that speaks ill of you shall be condemned and every heart that thinks evil about you shall be destroyed. I pray you will meet success in everything you lay your hands upon. I love you and wish you success.
  28. I pray that your star will shine and all the whole world will see and experience God’s goodness in your life. May the light in your life never deem. I pray success comes your way.
  29. I prophesy into your life My love that you will excel beyond human imagination, I pray for success from far and wide will locate you and I pray that you will never know evil forever.
  30. In the presence of the almighty, there is the fullness of joy and everlasting greatness. Today I place you in the presence of God and as a child of God that you are May you experience a successful life, My king.
  31. I place you in the hands of the Lord whatever you lay your hands from today henceforth may it yield to success. May your light shine and may success come your way. I love you.
  32. I pray that you will never work too hard before you gain success. I pray that whatever your mate labor to get, you will get them easily. Your success is granted by God’s grace.
  33. As the day starts newly, may your life and greatness be fresh. God will open a new success story in your life and whatever you come in contact with will serve as greatness in your life.
  34. I pray to God that he gives you the strength to face every daily activity and I pray to the almighty to grant the work of your hand with success and prosperity. I wish you good luck now and forever.
  35. I wish you Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding to be able to face your daily activities and I pray that whatever you set your heart to will come out in success. I wish you great success My King.
  36. I pray to God to watch over you throughout your life and I pray that you will never be found wanting among great personal. May old and young calls you great. I love you, Sweetheart.
  37. Blessing of the lord won’t depart from your way, the success of the world will be filled in your life and from today you will never know sorrow in your endeavors. May you succeed in your work.
How To Prayer for My Man

#1: Dear Lord in Heaven, I pray for my man with all sincerity and love of the heart that he shall continue to prosper and excel. I pray that the fruits of his hardworking labor shall blossom and he shall not be put to shame. I pray O Lord that you shower him with abundant success and let his days be filled with joy and contentment. I pray for him that the work of his hands shall be imbued with integrity and please set his heart on honesty. I pray that my man shall know no lack and he will always have enough to provide for himself and his family Lord.

#2: Dear Father, I earnestly pray that you set the heart of man on the path to genuine love for You and for me. Teach him how to love me unconditionally and without wavering just like You have loved the Church oh Lord. Direct his heart towards that which is Just, Holy and Pure and do not allow any uncleanliness in his way. Teach him to continue in godliness and divine purpose and take away any thoughts of evil from his heart. Please Lord, give him a heart that acknowledges you as the Master and Lord and be his shield and sufficiency at all times oh Lord.

#3: Dear Father, I pray for protection and security for my man. Please Lord, keep him safe daily under your guaranteed care and do not allow him to stray from your sight ever. Please Lord, just as you promised in your Words, give your Angels charge over him and never allow him fall prey into the hands of the enemy. Oh Lord, we do not trust in the security and safety of this world but we have our complete trust in the protection that you give oh Lord. Never allow me to weep over my man or worry over his health. Continue to be a shield and fortress and let him continue to feel safe in your care Lord.

#4: Dear Lord, I just want to take this time to thank you for my man and all that you have done in bringing us together. Thank you, Lord, for the love and companionship that we share. I am grateful for the genuine love that we share for each other. More than anything Lord, I thank you for bringing our path together and allowing us to share that perfect love and harmony that you have endorsed. Please continue to fill the heart of man with love, compassion and care. Take away distractions and the wanton care of this world away from him and let his focus remain on that which really matter.

#5: Dear Lord, I pray for strength and courage for my man. I pray that he continues to have the willpower and divine ability to take on the world and withstand the wiles of the evil the enemy and the evil ones. He shall not fall prey to the devices of the devil and darkness shall not have hold over his life. I pray that you continue to keep him in sound mind, strength and wellness of the soul. Please keep his heart from straying away from and let him continually have his eyes on your purpose for him and his desires.

#6: Dear Lord, I pray for my man and the kind of company that he keeps. I pray that he his continually reminded to walk and keep acquaintances only those that reminds him of your love and commandments. Please Lord, keep him away from the wrong set of friends and allow him have companionship with those that brings him closer to his dreams, goals and aspirations. He shall not be deceived and seduced away by the wrong people and his communication shall remain continually seasoned, godly and worthy of emulation. If need be Oh Lord, tear him away from forcefully from the wrong set of people and let him value only the essence of kingdom friendship.

#7: Dear Lord, I pray deeply that you grant my man an excellent spirit of leadership. Let him continue to excel in the wisdom to lead his life and those around him. Help him build a singleness of character and help him maintain focus oh Lord. Empower him in the skills of divine leadership and help lead a selfless life of service towards You Lord and his fellow man. Let him excel in humility and lowliness of heart and give him the discipline, grace and strength to foster godly relationships in the home, community and in the house of the Lord.

#8: Dear Lord, I pray that you give my darling the courage to grow in character and deal with untoward habits and actions from the past. Father, give him the doggedness to leave the scars of the past behind where they belong and focus on the future which you have in mind for him. Lord, take his mind off the failures and disappoints of the past years and let him be able to direct his strength at preparing a better and much brighter future where he can be someone whom he and everyone around him can be proud of. Let him always be assured of a glorious and purposeful future in You Lord.

#9: Dear Father, please give my man the ability to be the best husband and father. Give him the wisdom, patience and thoughtfulness to lead home and care for his family. Order his priorities aright and give him the consciousness that his family should be the most important aspect of his life. Please, Lord, keep the thoughts for the good the family constant in his mind and stir his mind away from distractions of work, habits and strange women. Let him continually work together with me to cherish the peace and comfort of this family. Let him able to give to his family without holding back, Lord.

Good Morning Prayer For Her

1. The dawn of this day shall bring you the things you cherish most in life. Good morning, my love.

2. As the breeze touches your tender skin, may all your troubles be blown away, my love.

3. Good morning, love. Today shall not be the last dawn you’ll ever see. Many beautiful sunrises shall you witness.

4. May your path be free from calamities. May your life be more beautiful today and forevermore. Good morning, angel.

5. May you go far today into the land of prosperity and abundance. Have a very good morning, babe.

6. You shall hit your target this morning and cry out happily. May your day be fulfilled, my love.

7. You’ll have no cause to cry nor be frustrated. May your handwork be blessed.

8. As you step out this morning, may the earth and her inhabitants favour you.

9. The world will do you good and favour you, till your life becomes a miracle to many. Good morning, beautiful.

10. May you outshine the sun today and be full of glory for the rest of your life. Have a very good morning.

11. From this sunrise to sunset may the good angels guide and protect your going out and coming in. Good morning, hon.

12. May your day be as beautiful as you are. You shall not experience brokenness nor sadness as your day progresses.

13. Good morning, the apple of my eyes. May love set your wings free to fly until you reach the sky.

14. Throughout the day, may you beam with smile and have no reason to sorrow. Good morning, love.

15. May this day bring you so much joy and happiness. May the devil be incapacitated to steal your happiness.

16. Your morning has come, so also shall your joy arrive, cause joy comes in the morning.

17. Sadness will never steal your happiness away like the eagle steals the chick of a hen. May your joy last, till eternity.

18. Every pain in the depth of your heart shall be replaced by the joy of the Holy Ghost. Good morning, my love.

19. The root of your problem shall be uprooted. The seed of happiness shall begin to grow in your life. Have a blessed day.

20. May the sun shine brilliantly on you and bring you to the notice of your destiny helpers this morning. Good morning, beautiful.

21. Your secret prayers shall be answered like sweet wishes, this morning. Have faith in God, your desires are about to come to pass.

22. You’ll never have to beg to eat. The Lord will feed you with abundance. Good morning, love.

23. You shall not fall sick, today. May the presence of God energize your spirit and make you whole again, my love. Do have a lovely day.

24. Every plan of the devil for your life is cancelled by the blood of Jesus. No power besides the power of God shall rule your life. Good morning, darling.

25. Wherever you go; be it, the North or South, East or West, the peace of God will follow you for the rest of the day. Good morning, angel.

26. The world will show you love and not hate. You’ll never be rejected in the place you love to be. Good morning, sweety.

27. God will lift you up from the valley to a higher ground. This morning shall mark the beginning of great success for you.

28. I pray for you this morning, my love; you will not count losses but gain. You’ll make profits where others have failed.

29. Good morning, love. Every damage done to you by the devil and the evil ones shall be repaired by God, this morning. You shall experience a new dawn today.

30. As you worship the Lord this morning, may His goodness follow you. May He show forth greatly in your life.

31. There shall be a turn around in your finances. Today shall bring you untold wealth. Good morning, sweetheart.

32. As you ply the road today, you shall be highly protected. No evil will succeed in you. Good morning, hon.

33. Every evil command of the devil over your life shall be sent back by the forceful word of God. You are covered by the shadow of His wings. Good morning, love.

34. You shall be blessed in the morning, at night and for the rest of your life. This much, I desire for you this morning. Have a beautiful day, gorgeous.

35. The power of God shall lift you up. You’ll walk victoriously on the devil, his plan and devices. Good morning, love.

36. In love with the new dawn, as I am with you. May this morning be very pleasing to you, my love.

37. Kindness and favour, may heaven shower upon you. Good morning, sweetheart.

38. My heart leaps for joy when it’s time to set my eyes on you. Let the earth beneath you yield abundance into your bosom. Top of the morning to my love.

39. Have a blissful new day, angel. May everything work in your favour, I pray.

40. You beautify the morning just like the early morning sun in the sky. May the heavens make your dreams come true.

41. To the joy of my heart; may this day be the best you’ve ever had. Good morning, love.

42. Every day is a new day, but with you, it is a blessed one. Have a prosperous morning, sweety.

43. Bask in the prosperity of God’s goodness as you sashay around today. Good morning, my darling.

44. May the heavens make a vow to bless you on your way. Good morning, sweet angel of love.
45. Like the gems at the bottom part of the sea, so may your treasure be. Good morning, my darling.

46. I hope you have a swell time with the sun and the moon. Heavens bless your heart. Enjoy your day, my darling.

47. More energy to your elbow as you go about your day’s business. More successes to call your own by God’s grace, my love.

48. May the Lord’s promises be made real in your life today, my angel. Good morning, sweetie.

49. May your prosperity be heaven’s priority today, my darling. I love you to the moon and back.

50. As your feet step into places, may your blessings come in thousands. Good morning, sweetie.

51. To the rainbow of my life; I wish you a day full of your wide smiles and the sound of your laughter. Good morning, my love.

52. You’re my one and only. I’ll save all my prayers for you. Have a pleasant day, my darling.

53. To heaven, you matter more than the birds in the air, and the flowers in the field, so, your blessings will come first than the others, my darling. Have a splendid day.

54. The sun and the moon won’t be your light, but the ever-abiding favour and mercy of God. Have a swell day, my darling.

55. Adorn yourself with smiles and laughter, for today will be your best day in years. Good morning, sweet love.

56. You make the eagles jealous cause you soar higher in the eyes of your love. God bless your going out and coming in, my darling.

57. When the sun goes away, may your presence be the light of your world. Good morning, my love.

58. I pray you find peace and prosperity in whatever you do today. Good morning, my love.

59. Have a safe ride through the busy roads and the hectic city. Good morning, my darling.

60. Whatever you do, I wish you success and happiness. Enjoy your day, my love.

61. May you enjoy the favour of all as you go about your day. Good morning, my darling.

62. Good morning, sweet love of my life. May God bless you with preferential kindness and love on this special day.

63. I wish you health and stamina. Enjoy your day, my darling.

64. May prosperity call out your name at every hour of the day. Good morning, precious one.

65. May fortune shine on you like the morning sun. Good morning, love.

66. To the apple of my eyes; may your day be sweeter than honey and more pleasurable than fine wine.

67. Pursue, recover and overtake. For your time of celebration has come. Good morning, my darling.

68. I’ll forever listen to the melody you sing in my heart. Have a wonderful day, my darling.

69. May the whole world come to the brightness of your rising. Good morning, sweetie.

70. I hope your environment favours you and the people there celebrate you. Good morning, my only love.

Good Morning Prayer For a Friend
  • May all of the works of your hands be blessed by him. May whatever you desire to do in your lie prosper and be done through in his name. May you go into today with all of his blessings and enjoy every minute of it. Good morning, my friend!
  • May the Lord be on your side as you fight every obstacle. May you hold your peace and may he defend you when you are unable to speak. May he bring justice to you and guard you in every way today. Good morning to you and may you have a wonderful day!
  • Miracles shall find you as you start today. May all men compete to win your favor and prefer you above all. May God make sure that today is a memorable one for you. Good morning, my dear friend.
  • As you start all of the activities of today, may your work bring you unparalleled joy? May you walk in God’s strength and find courage through him. Good morning, my dear.
  • I pray that God gives you all that you need today as you work to live out your dreams. In Jesus’ name, may you have a day that brings you closer to him and to your dreams? Amen.
  • God never gives us across that we cannot bear. While the struggles of life may be difficult, we can accomplish anything through him. Whenever doubt besets you, may you find courage through God’s strength? Good morning, my dearest friend.
  • Because you are the child of the highest, you must rise above all of your trials and challenges today. All of the difficulties that you faced yesterday may disappear through his power. Good morning, my dearest friend.
  • Before you can even call, God will answer and hear the thoughts in your heart. Never doubt that he hears your prayers and will answer them. May you have a fulfilled, blessed day. Good morning!
  • May you always trust in the Lord with all your heart and soul. May you grow in your understanding of him in Jesus’ name. Amen. Good morning, my dearest friend!
  • Because you have been chosen out of all the people of the world, you shall see the light of his love today. May today be a special day for you and may you live your life to the fullest, my friend. Good morning!
  • Rejoice today because it is a day that the Lord has made. Embedded within this day are uncountable blessing for the Lord’s chosen people. Get ready for a day that will overflow with blessings as you continue to walk in his way. Good morning, my dearest friend.
  • Waking up to thoughts of a friend like you brings me great happiness. May God always bless you or your good works and bring you all of the abundance that you so richly deserve. Good morning, my dearest friend.
  • I pray that we will grow to become deeper friends. I am so blessed to have a friend like you as a part of my life and am so grateful that God created you. May he bless you today and for always.
  • My prayer is that all of your wishes and desires will be granted today. May your happiness never know any bounds. Good morning to my dearest friend!
  • Approach all of today’s tasks with confidence in the Holy Spirit. God shall guide you in his wisdom and bring you a blessed day ahead. Good morning!
  • Wise men traveled from the north, south, east and west to find Jesus and celebrate him. May people come to find you with pleasant gifts and want to learn of Jesus through your example. Have a wonderful day, my friend!
  • I pray that God sends helpers to guide you toward your destiny. May he strengthen you and bring you fulfillment in your life.
  • As God made the walls of Jericho fall, so shall he bring your enemies down before your eyes. May you trample evil and obstacles under your feet through his power. Good morning, my friend!
  • I pray that you always achieve your dreams and reach your deepest desires in life. May God transform any lack of abundance.
  • As you face pressure today, may God grant you wisdom and success through his Glory. Good morning, my dearest friend!



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